Hello, I am

Kim Wolfe

Your hard of hearing hear geek : )

Kim Wolfe, The Hard of Hearing Person Behind Hear Geek .com

About Me

My natural hearing is shot

but I live a normal life

thanks to hearing technology

My name is Kim Wolfe. And I have worn hearing aids for most of my life.


Ancient Hearing Aids

I was fitted for my first pair when I was 4 years old. And man, were they clunckers! 

These hearing aids were so big that people would stare at my ears while they talked to me! Yep.

They were completely mesmerized! 

And, I can’t really say I blame them. They were HUGE 

The ear molds were so hard, they would make my ears sore. 

I felt like those molds were made out of the hardest plastic you could find.


Advanced Hearing Technology

Fast forward almost 40 years, you can’t even tell I wear hearing aids today. 

My Lyrics are a completely invisible in-the-canal hearing aid.

These hearing aids are the closest technology to natural hearing I have ever had. 

It is amazing how much the hearing technology has advanced from my beginning days as a hearing aid wearer.

No more sore ears. (No need for ear molds and hard plastic ! )

No more awkward conversations. (People no longer talk to my ears : )

No more taking aids out before showers. (They are water resistant : )

No more battery changes. (Yea, Lyric doesn’t require batteries : )

You don’t really know what it is like to enjoy the sound of a shower when you have never heard those sounds before.

Take it from me, Lyric is the best invention in hearing technology yet.

If you are wearing hearing aids and do not know about Lyric, then you MUST ASK YOUR AUDIOLOGIST! 

Or if you are starting to suffer from hearing loss, you should go talk to an audiologist.

I’m serious. Your life is too short to miss out on the sounds of the world.

There are so many sounds to be heard!  

In addition to my Lyrics, I also have a pair of Widex BEYOND backups. 

The Widex hearing aids are technologically advanced in their own ways. They are made for iPhones!

My Widex’s have different programs for sound quality. 

And they have bluetooth technology I can stream my music and phone calls to them, from my iPhone. 

The sound streams directly to the hearing aids. 

No need for headphones or feedback from the phone being to close to the hearing aid.

I personally use the Widex sound streaming feature for listening to music while I work, taking phone calls and even for teleconferencing with co-workers. 

My hearing loss is severe enough that I can’t have conversations without hearing aids.

I hear sounds but I cannot make out the words. Therefore, I can’t function in life without hearing support.

Between my Lyrics and my Widexs, I can always hear.

I am really fortunate. Like I said…

With the latest hearing technologies, I live a very normal hearing life.

I work for a very successful technology company. 

I’m addicted to the latest technology advancements and internet surfing.

My life is filled with Apple computers, smart devices, Nest products, SmartTVs, voice speaking devices and hearing aids.

I am a #digitaljunkie and techy savvy. 

My friends usually request my “IT” support with their Apple computers and devices : )


2 Million Searches A Year for Hearing Aids

Several years ago, I needed new hearing aids. I was also looking for a new audiologist.

My previous audiologist clinic for years had a major staff change. 

When my favorite Audiologist left, the place, support and care was never the same. 

I felt more like an appointment, than a valued hearing customer.

I had no connection with the new audiologist. 

But yet, he wanted me to spend $6,000 dollars for Oticons.

At the time, the Oticons he recommended came with a bluetooth hearing attachment that I had to wear around my neck. 


What hearing aid wearer wants to explain why they are wearing a box around their neck?! 

Well, not me!

I felt that this audiologist only gave me one hearing aid option to choose from. 

He was really pushing those Oticons!

I have worn many different brands over the years. 

I know there are hundreds if not thousands of options for me to choose from. 

I wasn’t convinced that I wanted what he wanted me to buy.

So, I tried to do my own hearing aid research.

I was one of the 2 million people who search online for hearing aids every year.

I signed up for several free hearing guides.

These guides had so much information in them about the types of hearing aids you could choose from.

Even with these guides, I still had no idea which hearing aids I wanted

Or which hearing aids were BEST for me. Even though I have been wearing them for years!

So, I tried searching for the best audiologist in my area.

And I was completely overwhelmed again!

All I know is there seemed to be THOUSANDS of audiologists near me, all promising to offer quality service and products.

I had no idea who to choose.

It was like sticking my finger in the air to see what direction the wind was blowing.

That’s how I felt in trying to find the right hearing specialists for me.

I ended up finding my favorite audiologist group I have found yet. 

Audiological Consultants of Atlanta.

I got really fortunate

They are the reason I am wearing the hearing technology I am today. Notice, they are not Oticons.


Why I Created Hear Geek .com

Choosing hearing aids and finding a good audiologist is really hard. 

It took me some time and frustration to finally find the right audiologists and hearing technology for me. 

But it was no fun task! 

So I get it. I have been there!

I completely understand what you may be going through.

So, I created this blog to become a place for easy to understand hearing related information. 

Information from a hearing aid wearer and consumer. Not a business owner.

Information simplified in a way for anyone suffering from hearing loss can understand : )

I want you to get help with their hearing sooner, rather than later. 

I want to help you understand the technology possibilities available. 

That is why you are here. 

If you need hearing support, don’t wait. 

Let me help you on your journey.

The sooner you address your hearing related problems, the sooner you can live a normal hearing life too : )

Reach out to me if you have any questions or feedback.

You can email me at: kim [at] heargeek.com.

Otherwise, I hope you are living a quality hearing life : )

If not, then get to it! Don’t miss out on life any longer. 


Kim Wolfe
Your Hard of Hearing Hear Geek